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Frontier e-HR has been at the forefront of enterprise cloud-based HRMS since year 2000. Built by HR professionals, we offer a comprehensive range of HR capabilities to assist you in organizing, growing, and paying your workforce.  Our solutions do much more than improving passive HR system. Rather, we transform HR processes, creating an active, real-time HR engine with user friendly capabilities and analytics.

We offer a broad solution based on 4 pillars as our foundation; Core HRMS, Talent Management, Workforce Management and Travel Management.

Running on the latest technology of html 5 and 64 bit, we deliver higher quality solution, at faster speed and greater flexibility, giving all HR professionals more confidence needed to drive productivity.

Today, we have over 100,000 users spread across 22 countries. Over 600 companies, small and large, have entrusted their HR functions to us. We are flexible with the scalability with our largest client running its payroll for around 10,000 employees.

Business sector: HR Technology