Nicklas Bergman

Serial Entrepreneur, Tech Investor and Futurist
Surviving the Tech Storm - The Future of Work and HR

In a time when established businesses are under constant pressure to innovate and stay ahead of the competition, it’s vital to understand that with technological development comes opportunity and the need to understand and harness these technologies which are shaping our workplaces. 

Indeed, the increasing speed of technological progress is creating a 'tech storm' that will affect all aspects of workforce management and HR in the future.

How then, can you survive the tech storm that is coming your way?

Join Nicklas Bergman, serial entrepreneur turned technology investor turned futurist, as he takes you through the relevant technologies that will affect HR and the future of work. In this session, he will provide you with:

  • A greater understanding of technology and its opportunities
  • A set of tools to assess the business opportunities of new technologies
  • A useful and specific perspective on how technology will impact the future of HR

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