Michael McQueen

Business Strategist, Futurist & Author
Mastering the Art of Momentum to Future Proof Your Organisation

In the world of physics, Momentum = Velocity x Mass. In the business world, however, a very different but equally powerful formula applies – a formula that has the power to transform any organisation.

Evolutions in technologies, business practices, employee expectations and consumer preferences will continue to cause a host of new disruptions to companies in the coming years. Enduring success and growth for any business in the current VUCA environment is dependent on building and maintaining unstoppable momentum.

Mastering the art of momentum can become any organisation’s competitive advantage. There is nothing better than that feeling of being in a groove or in flow-state – where people and processes align to achieve effortless and breakthrough results.

However, all too often a groove can become a rut when organisational culture and practices hinder productivity and stifle agility.

In this fast-paced & insightful session, you will discover:

  • The science and art of building momentum - where it comes from and why it makes all the difference
  • The enemies of momentum – the early warning signs that business leaders and organisations should know how to identify before it’s too late
  • Leadership tips and habits to break the inertia trap and increase productivity in your organisation or team
  • Tools to combat the distractions and disruptions that have the potential to derail success and focus
  • The proven and practical formula for supercharging results and achieving unstoppable momentum