Jon Ingham

HR Influencer, Blogger & Author

Frequently recognised a leading UK influencer within the HR profession, Jon Ingham is a blogger, writer, speaker and trainer on strategic people and organisational management with a particular focus on social relationships.

Based in the UK but operating globally, he works with HR, IT and Property departments to increase the impact they have in their businesses and helps business leaders and HR teams develop their own strategic capabilities.

He has lectured in strategic management, change management and HR on executive MBA courses and HR Examiner included him in its list of the top 100 global HR influencers stating “Ingham is still early in his career.  It’s not outrageous to imagine him as the next Ulrich.”

Jon has written several books and articles on the Future of Work, and of the HR function, which includes his new book, The Social Organization (2017). He has also recently co-authored an article with Dave Ulrich, Building Better HR Departments (2016).

He has a number of associate relationships including Glassdoor in the UK, for which has conducted media interviews supporting their research into pay transparency, zero hour contracts and other issues. He has also conducted research for the Economist Intelligence Unit and other organisations.

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