Evangeline Chua

Chief People Officer
Government Technology Agency of Singapore
Building a Future-Ready Organisation – How is HR Innovating to Manage the Workforce of Tomorrow

The shifting expectations of the future workforce are quickly reshaping how organisations operate, and upgrading employees through reskilling and retraining may not be the only answer to addressing the threats of automation, robotics and AI.

Transformations to the employment landscape, skills requirements and workspace is a given, and the time to prepare is now.

Step into this forward-looking session with Evangeline Chua, Chief People Officer of GovTech Singapore as she discusses the key issue of ‘How do organisations continuously build for change and embrace disruptions’.

Evangeline Chua is the Chief People Officer at GovTech.  Her key drivers are People, Passion and Performance through inculcating values and culture, and investing in people to drive results collectively.

In her former role, Evangeline was the Managing Director of Organization & People for Temasek International, responsible for the full spectrum of HR practices across 9 cities.  Prior to joining Temasek, Evangeline was with Citi Singapore for a total of 12 years.  She was appointed as the Country Head of Human Resources in April 2013 after managing cross functional initiatives for close to three years as the Head of Talent, Resourcing, Learning & Development, and HR Risk, Tax and Financials.

Evangeline has over 20 years of diverse regional experience in human resource management and business operations within the banking and property sectors.  She was previously with Barclays Technology Centre Singapore, Standard Chartered Bank, PREMAS International Limited, Times Publishing Ltd, and EM Services Pte Ltd.

Evangeline earned her Master of Science in Human Resource Management from the University of Bradford and Bachelor of Arts degree from National University of Singapore.  She also holds Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management from Singapore Institute of Management.

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