Dr. Shirley Davis

Former Global Head of D&I and Workplace Strategies, SHRM, Author and Global Workforce Management Expert
Creating Winning, Inclusive and Inspiring Workplace Cultures

Regardless of how much you pay, or how many weeks of vacation you offer, when your workplace culture is toxic, it has a significant impact on your bottom line!

Research reveals that culture impacts morale, hiring, engagement, productivity, health and wellness. This then snowballs into affecting your organisation’s brand, image and reputation. 

So what does it take to create a winning and inspiring workplace culture that rocks? One that attracts top talent, increases performance and engagement, fosters collaboration and trust, and creates a WOW experience that makes great workers want to stay? 

In this presentation, Author and Global Workforce Management Expert, Dr. Shirley Davis, will answer this exact question. She will share the latest research and best practices that reveal how winning cultures are created and how they lead to significant benefits to the employer, the employees and the bottom line.

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