Dr. Shirley Davis

Former Global Head of D&I and Workplace Strategies, SHRM, Author and Global Workforce Management Expert
HR Practitioners - Reinvent Yourselves For the Era of Disruption

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution upon us, workplaces are undergoing significant change and transformation. When is there then, a more opportune time for HR practitioners to ‘reinvent’ themselves?

With rapidly changing workforces and growing demands and expectations on HR to lead a more diverse, virtual, flexible and multigenerational workplace, this is the best time to re-assess your role and impact within the organisation.

Prepare to learn, laugh, be inspired, and ‘renewed’, as Dr. Shirley Davis shares real life stories and proven strategies - from her 25+ years as a previous HR professional and corporate executive - for how to reinvent yourself and remain relevant in this era of fast development and uncertainty.

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