Dr. Bicky Bhangu

Regional Director Southeast Asia and Pacific
Driving Sustainable Growth with a Strong Asian Leadership Pipeline

According to the 2016 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report, 89% of surveyed executives highlighted the importance of strengthening, reengineering and improving organisational leadership today. Studies have also shown that there are few senior leaders in Asia with the necessary experience and business acumen to manage and drive business growth in today’s fast paced and uncertain economic landscape.

As companies continue to seize growth opportunities in Asia, it is crucial for organisations to develop a robust and healthy pipeline of Asian leaders who are locally informed and could adapt quickly to the region’s diverse workforce and markets.

With locals making up 85% of their workforce in Singapore, discover how Rolls-Royce future proofs itself by building a strong and skilled local workforce and instilling a culture of lifelong learning amongst employees. Join Dr. Bicky Bhangu, Director Singapore, as he shares the company’s journey in developing top talents with robust capabilities to take on senior leadership roles, and are adaptable to today’s ever-changing and disruptive economy.