Azran Osman-Rani

Former CEO of AirAsia X and iflix Malaysia
Building a Disruptive Innovation Culture - Challenge The Status Quo

The forces of change are upon us.
How can leaders instil an entrepreneurial, growth mindset and ‘attacker’ start-up energy to proactively shape their businesses in the Fourth Industrial Revolution? – Even in traditional highly-regulated, capital-intensive industries?

Coming from the traditional Airline industry, Azran Osman-Rani, former CEO of AirAsia X, shares his wealth of experience in taking on global giants in the long-haul arena, and challenging the accepted and deep-seated rules of the low-cost carrier game.

For the first time at HR Summit & Expo Asia, Azran show you ‘how to’:

  • Build a fast-moving, bold and agile culture through his ’30 Day and 30 Years’ operating horizons framework that embeds purposefulness into company culture.
  • Embed curiosity, courage, focus, speed and humility through the right hiring decisions, organisational communication and performance management practices.

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