Aspa Lekka

Managing Director
foodpanda Singapore
Winning the Battle for Relevance as a Tech Startup

While tech startups offer the opportunity to work in an ever-changing and exciting environment, studies have shown that tech startups face many challenges in hiring the right talent. In addition to the current tight labour market conditions, startups also face stiff competition with multinational companies such as Google, Airbnb, Microsoft and Apple. Without the stability of an established organisation, hefty paychecks and major employee perks, find out how foodpanda has redefined talent management to attract, engage and retain today’s diverse workforce.

In this short and snappy session, Aspa Lekka, Managing Director of foodpanda Singapore will share:

  • Initiatives implemented to set foodpanda apart from competition
  • Strategies in building a sense of identify and community amongst employees and the company’s contingent workforce
  • Tips on cultivating a culture of innovation and managing the young and ambitious millennial workforce