Amanda Goh

Edelman Singapore
Rebuilding Trust in a VUCA Environment for Continued Business Success

The global trust crisis in today’s VUCA environment has been attributed to the rise of populist actions around the world.  As populism plays an ever-growing role in the global political landscape, it is becoming a force that business leaders ignore at their peril. At its essence, populism represents a crisis in trust, a sense that the institutions of government, business, the media and even NGOs—and the people who lead them—no longer represent the best interests of the general population. What do today’s populist tendencies mean for business—and what must business leaders do to earn the license to lead and protect themselves against the risks? And do so while engaging their most important asset – their employees.  

Join Amanda Goh, CEO of Edelman Singapore, as she presents key insights from the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer and discuss key issues pertinent to your businesses and employees in Singapore and the region.